Saturday, July 28, 2007

Anonymous PrePaid Visa debit Cards

OK, seems that everyday now you hear or read something about identity theft taking place online or by some other means. You may also hear about a persons credit or debit card info being stolen and maxed out recently after the card was used to purchase a good or service. Just how do these identity thieves work?

In many instances, when an Identity is stolen online it is because of information taken regarding a credit card transaction. While online purchases are no doubt convenient, they can become a lot more trouble than they are worth.

This is where disposable, anonymous pre-paid Visa cards come in. I recently was made aware these existed by a privacy website I joined called Ultimate Anonymity ( ). In addition on learning how to visit websites and send messages anonymously, I learned how to pretty much become invisible online. Ultimate Anonymity provides to its subscribers anonymous pre-paid Visa cards in any name and address you desire and they come in any amount between $20 and $500. Using a card like this with disposable email addresses also available to Ultimate Anonymity subscribers completely removes any possibility of Identity theft.

For more information on these handy little life savers visit Ultimate Anonymity or to read more information on the pre-paid Visa debit cards, visit their page at

Happy and Safe Surfing!